Street Art Around the World

The sides of buildings have become a blank canvass for artists to create unique and often whimsical murals. While there is still graffiti in plenty of places, a lot of it has mostly been replaced by interesting works of art. Although not everyone is a fan of the works that can be found in cities everywhere, we have certainly seen some interesting ones. Obviously the quality of the artwork depends on the talent of the artist and the choice of subjects can be political or can sometimes offend as well. The notion of using walls of buildings to tell a visual story is nothing new as we witnessed by seeing all of the hieroglyphs on the ancient temples in Egypt. These murals aren’t restricted to the outside of buildings, it is also common to see them painted on the walls of restaurants as well. What do you think, are the paintings on the walls artwork or an eyesore?

Space Themed Art in Denver
Building in Quito, Ecuador
Painted Building in Reykjavik, Iceland
The Lennon Wall in Prague
Sandhill Cranes Painted on Wall in Southern Colorado
Temple of Horace in Edfu, Egypt
Artwork in Cochabamba, Bolivia
Sante Fe, New Mexico
Wall in Brasov, Romania
Restaurant Wall in Prague
Painted Wall Above Elevators in Denver
Wall in Mexican Restaurant
Chinatown Mural
Hungarian Street Art
Street Art in Panama City, Panama
Fish Mosaic Wall in Vietnam

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