The Fascinating Immersive Van Gogh Experience in Denver, Colorado

There is probably no more creative art exhibition touring the world right now than that of the Immersive Van Gogh Experience. If you haven’t personally gone to the exhibit, you’ve likely heard of it and probably heard people raving about the experience. We weren’t completely sure of what to expect, but all we knew was that it was supposed to be like you were literally inside of one of Vincent Van Gogh’s famous paintings, but the actual experience is something even more unique. The artwork seems to come alive as it surrounds you on the walls and floors while you are mesmerized by the ever-changing images.

People Enjoying the Immersive Van Gogh Experience
Visually Stunning
Very Colorful

At some points of the exhibition, you would watch sketches slowly transform to finished paintings. At other times, you would watch as the skies and fields of flowers and plants swirled as if the painting had come to life. Unlike going to a museum where you walk around the giant halls in order to see the different paintings, here you stay in a single spot and watch as the artwork transforms all around you. Even if you aren’t the type of person who likes to go and see the artwork of famous artists, you will likely enjoy this experience as it is so unique.

Truly Setting the Mood
Artwork on the Floors as Well as the Walls
Dark and Brooding Artwork

The exhibition has been so popular worldwide that there is already a different exhibition that has started to premier featuring the art of Frida Kahlo, the famous Mexican artist. The Immersive Van Gogh Experience sold out months in advance, so we were glad that we purchased our tickets well in advance. When purchasing a ticket, you will pick an available hour window for you to enjoy the experience. The show itself lasts about 40 minutes, so you don’t necessarily need to arrive at the exact hour or stay for the entire hour that you are allotted. It was definitely something that we truly enjoyed.

Feeling the Movement
So Many Different Images

Street Art Around the World

The sides of buildings have become a blank canvass for artists to create unique and often whimsical murals. While there is still graffiti in plenty of places, a lot of it has mostly been replaced by interesting works of art. Although not everyone is a fan of the works that can be found in cities everywhere, we have certainly seen some interesting ones. Obviously the quality of the artwork depends on the talent of the artist and the choice of subjects can be political or can sometimes offend as well. The notion of using walls of buildings to tell a visual story is nothing new as we witnessed by seeing all of the hieroglyphs on the ancient temples in Egypt. These murals aren’t restricted to the outside of buildings, it is also common to see them painted on the walls of restaurants as well. What do you think, are the paintings on the walls artwork or an eyesore?

Space Themed Art in Denver
Building in Quito, Ecuador
Painted Building in Reykjavik, Iceland
The Lennon Wall in Prague
Sandhill Cranes Painted on Wall in Southern Colorado
Temple of Horace in Edfu, Egypt
Artwork in Cochabamba, Bolivia
Sante Fe, New Mexico
Wall in Brasov, Romania
Restaurant Wall in Prague
Painted Wall Above Elevators in Denver
Wall in Mexican Restaurant
Chinatown Mural
Hungarian Street Art
Street Art in Panama City, Panama
Fish Mosaic Wall in Vietnam

Artisan and Craft Market in the Beautiful Parque El Ejido in Quito, Ecuador

In order to walk to the old town quarter of Quito in Ecuador from our hotel, we had to walk through Parque El Ejido. It is a lovely park that has a nice artisan and craft market as well as plenty of open space. Located right in the city, it can be quite busy at times as families gather to have a picnic or play a game of soccer. There is also an interesting arch located in the park, simply called Arco de El Ejido with a statue of two men battling one another.

Arco de El Ejido
Unique Statue at the Park
Colorful Artwork for Sale in the Park
Open Green Spaces Away from the Crowds

We love finding markets where we can buy local arts and crafts whenever we travel to places. We typically try to bring something home with us to remember our trip, especially if it is something that we can display. While we were in Quito, we found a local artist in the market that sold watercolor paintings and we couldn’t resist buying an original piece of art. Whether you want jewelry, clothing, or art, there are an abundance of options.

Our Painting of Quito, Ecuador
Walking Amongst the Stalls
Crowds Amongst the Artwork
Walking Through the Park and Shade Trees

Even if you aren’t interested in the market, just enjoying the shade of the trees, the open grassy areas, or even getting something sweet from a food vendor makes visiting the park worthwhile. Since we walked through the park both ways to and from our hotel in Quito, we had plenty of time to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. We have been to many wonderful parks during our travels, but this one is truly one of our favorites.

Looking Through the Arch at the Statue
Leisurely Stroll Through the Park’s Vendors
More Artwork for Sale
Large Park with Room to Escape the Busy Market Area