It is Always a Matter of Perspective

We’ve all seen photographs of places that we intend to visit and seen images of things that look very large and grand. In almost every case, the impression that one gets from the photograph either is smaller or larger than what you expected. We very often try to take photographs with people in the foreground so that we can truly appreciate the actual size of the image. Whether it is boulders, sand dunes, pyramids, artwork, etc., having people in the foreground will certainly give you a perspective on the actual size. Here are just a few photographs where we have tried to ensure that we are able to understand the actual scale of what we were looking at.

The View from Behind the Sphinx with People to Provide Perspective
A Sense of Scale
Getting a Sense of the Size at Windows in Arches National Park
The Bent Pyramid (If You Look Carefully, There is a Person at the Base Giving You a Sense of the Size)
People in the Background Provide Scale to the Obelisk in the Quarry
Hikers Heading Up an Exposed Rock Face in Utah

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