We Have Arrived at Our New Headquarters

We have been silent for the past several weeks as we embarked on changing our location from Colorado to Maryland. We have finally moved into our new place in Baltimore and are starting to settle in. We still have a lot to do over the coming weeks in order get fully moved in, but we are looking forward to starting new adventures in the area and getting overseas as well. There are so many opportunities for us and we are truly excited about what will discover in the coming weeks and months.

Views of Baltimore
Interesting Architecture

Moving across the country is definitely a daunting experience and even as organized as we are, it is still very overwhelming. We can hardly wait to share our stories as we explore our own backyard in the city of Baltimore. We may have a few more days of being quiet, but should be back to “normal” in the near future.

We are Blocks from the Water
Baltimore’s Inner Harbor Area

Taking Photographs of Animals can be a Tricky Proposition

We have seen many different animals throughout our travels, some of them more interesting than others. As we prepare for our safari, we know that we will come home with many more animal photographs than what we even have today. We are always on the lookout for motion in the trees that surround us, the rustling of bushes, or even shadows moving across the ground so that we don’t miss out on a possible animal sighting. Many of the animals are cute and adorable, some colorful, and others perhaps a little strange or even dangerous. Taking photographs of animals can be tricky at times and sometimes it all comes down to a little bit of luck.

Llama in Bolivia
Barbary Monkey in Gibraltar
Anteater in a Tree in Panama
Big Horn Sheep in Colorado
Monkey on the Rocks of Halong Bay, Vietnam
Three-Toed Tree Sloth
Poisonous Frog in the Amazon

It obviously helps to have a telephoto lens, but that also comes with its own set of challenges. It can be difficult to go from the naked eye to the camera and get it to the location where you just sighted the animal. Another interesting thing that we found from several of our trips now is the trick of using binoculars and a cell phone to capture a photograph. The binocular acts as a telephoto lens for the camera on your phone and the images are often as good as those captured with a digital camera.

Agouti in Panama
Friendly Donkey in South Dakota
Turkey in the Bolivian Jungle
Camel at the Pyramids in Egypt
Up Close and Personal with Monkeys in Panama
Colorful Wire-Tailed Manakin in Ecuador

One thing that is clear is that you don’t have to go to exotic locations to captures photographs of animals in the wild. There are obviously birds of all different kinds wherever you travel, but it isn’t surprising to see snakes, lizards and other creatures as well. There are also places that have allowed the animals to remain in the wild at certain tourist locations like the monkeys in Gibraltar or even the wild donkeys in South Dakota. All it takes is a little patience and a willingness to take several photographs so that you just might get the one that you were looking for. Do you take photographs of animals in the wild?

Lizard Standing on a Rock in Utah
Tarantula Crawling Out of a Tree
Bird Along the Trail to the Top of Gellért Hill in Budapest
Colorful Details of a Hummingbird Moth in Our Backyard

Iconic Skylines and Cityscapes Around the World

Traveling the world, there are places that you visit where the view of the skyline is entrenched in your memory. As soon as you see it in a picture or in a movie, you immediately know exactly where you are. It is amazing how the simple image of a cityscape can suddenly transport your mind back to a location and the sights, sounds, and even aromas are almost tangible in your mind. It helps that almost every major city has a location with an observation deck that allows you to get high above the city in order to see it in all of its grandeur. Whether viewing Paris from the Eiffel Tower or looking out at the skyscrapers of New York City from the top of the Empire State Building, the views will forever take you back to that moment when you first visited the city.

Empire State Building from the Top of the Rock in New York City
View from Piazzale de Michelangelo in Florence
Cologne, Germany

How can one not see the Duomo in Florence and not immediately be transported to that amazing city. One glimpse of the Parliament Building in Budapest and you will find yourself standing on the walls of the Buda Castle District. Sometimes it is the view of the towers of a gothic cathedral like in Cologne and other times it is the uniqueness of the city landscape like seeing the canals of Amsterdam. Regardless of what it is that draws your eyes, these iconic views can bring back that sense of awe that you first experienced when visiting a location.

Amsterdam from the Roof of Our Hotel
Arc de Triomphe in Paris from the Eiffel Tower
The Views of Panama City are Amazing

There are other times when it isn’t just the city, but the surrounding area that makes a cityscape iconic. Whether it is the ruggedness of a city sprawling on the hillsides like those of La Paz, the lush jungles surrounding Panama City, Panama, or even the peaks of Colorado looming over the city of Denver, these views make each location unique. Just like we can never pick a favorite travel location, we can also never pick a favorite skyline. Each are special in their own ways and will always remind us of our visit when we see their images on the screen.

Cairo, Egypt
View of the Roman Forum and Colosseum from the Rooftop
Sunset Behind the Acropolis in Athens