Creating a Photo Diary

Almost everyone takes photographs when they are traveling, but there is a difference between taking photographs at each location that you visit and capturing the experience as a whole. If you take photographs as you walk around a city and capture the entire experience, it almost becomes its own visual diary. You can look back at those pictures and literally remember walking from one site to another. For example, when we were in Lima, Peru, we were so amazed by some of the architecture that we took photos as we walked the streets and as we look back now, we can almost relive that afternoon. You can almost feel the warmth of the sun, feel the nervousness as we passed by the police with riot gear, or hear the children laughing as they played in the plaza by the fountain. We also take videos occasionally to capture the sights and sounds, but we don’t always go back and look at them as we often do with our photographs. Do you create a photo diary that documents the moments of your entire trip or do you just take photos at each of the important places that you visit?

Walking Around Lima
Taking a Break from Selling
First Glimpse of the Police
Walking By
After Turning the Corner
Didn’t Even Notice Us
Interesting Architecture
Another View of the Windows
Fountain in the Plaza
Pigeons Avoiding the Sun
Cooling Off in the Fountain
Back to the Streets
Tiny Balconies
Checking Out a Store
Another View of the Store
Another Plaza and Time for a Break


16 thoughts on “Creating a Photo Diary

  1. I’m like you, capture the experience. That’s what we take with us in our memories too, the people we meet, the things that happen, and the food we try.

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  3. I have a collection of photographic diaries — that desperately needs edited. But now and then I do go back to cull the herd — and find myself spending a lot of time reminiscing.

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