Dusk in the Rainforest

The time just before or after the sun sets or rises is known in photography as the golden hour. It has this almost magical quality where things glow slightly and take on a different appearance from how they are viewed when in full sunlight. In the rainforest, it has another effect as the temperature cools and the dense moisture creates clouds that slowly descend onto the canopy of the jungle. When we were driving back to Cochabamba from our stay in the Amazon, we were fascinated by the combination of the sunset in the clouds overhead while the clouds of the rainforest were below us. We captured as many pictures from our moving van as we could. We always enjoy taking photos of sunsets, but this particular sunset will always have a special place in our memories. Have you ever seen a sunset while a passenger in a vehicle that was so amazing that you just had to try and capture it?

Heavy Clouds over the Rainforest
Sunset in the Distance
Heading into the Mountains
Clouds Above and Below
Fascinating Sunset
After the Sun has Set


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