Not a Cloud in the Sky

Although clouds often enhance sunrises and sunsets, there is something about a crystal clear blue sky that is quite amazing. If the weather isn’t too hot, we really enjoy going on a hike when the skies are perfectly clear. Taking photographs when the blue sky silhouettes the objects in the foreground often really makes those objects stand out even more. Obviously you can’t just order up a clear sky when you want it, so when it happens it is certainly a wonderful treat. Here are just a few photographs of clear skies not just from hiking, but from places that we’ve visited as well.

Beautiful Arch and Blue Skies in Utah
Clear Blue Sky Behind the Statue in Laos
Clear Blue Sky Behind Pine Trees
Red Rock Framed by the Sky
Seagulls Filling the Sky

An Opportunity Missed

It is not uncommon to find extremely ornate doors on churches, cathedrals, museums, and castles throughout the world, but we found that in India it was common to see them on homes of everyday people. They are often carved with Hindu figures and with meaningful stories. We had visited the home of a friend while were in Chennai and their door had intricate carvings of Ganesh, the Hindu god with the head of an elephant. We didn’t take any pictures of their door out of respect for them. We do think that it was great to see that the people of India made sure to reuse doors when older buildings were being taken door to make way for new buildings.

Ornate Doors on the Baptistry in Florence, Italy
Fascinating Detail above this Door in India
Church Door in Bolivia

During our time in Chennai several years ago, we had come across a store that sold unique antiques. One of the most unusual items that we came across were tables that had been made out of some of the antique doors. We came extremely close to purchasing this particular table seen below and, in hind sight, we regret not making the purchase. The thought of having to pay for shipping ended up discouraging us from making this unique piece of furniture part of our home décor.  Lesson learned, in the future we’re not going to let the logistics and costs of shipping keep us from purchasing something that we truly wanted to purchase.

The Table We Wish We'd Bought
The Table We Wish We’d Bought
Cathedral Door in Prague
Ornate Doorway in a Mosque in Cairo, Egypt

What Was Your Wanderlust Moment?

We had been taking vacations for years where we would visit interesting locations throughout the United States. We even traveled abroad and to Mexico, but as we look back now, we were tourists not travelers in those days. The trip that changed everything for us was when we went to Chennai, India. That was the trip where we really learned to immerse ourselves as much as possible in the culture and push ourselves outside of our normal comfort zone. That experience has changed the way that we travel, the way that we view the places that we visit, as well as the choices that we make on where in the world to go. We are now travelers, not tourists. We don’t just want to go to the most famous sites, we want to grow as global citizens and learn as much about the world and the people who inhabit it as much as possible. What was the moment that changed the way that you travel?


Religious Statue in Chennai

View from Saint Thomas Mount

Another Temple in Mahabalipuram

Driving the Side Streets