Winding Your Way Through the Mountains

Living in a place that is surrounded by mountains, one thing that is clear is that the shortest distance between two places is not a straight line. Roads have to twist and wind based upon the contour of the land. Especially with high mountain passes that can be closed because of snow on a frequent bases, it also becomes important to provide ways to wind through the valleys so that you can avoid those high mountain passes. Driving through the Andes mountains in South America was a clear example of these winding roads that navigate the rugged scenery. Also, with such steep slopes, using switch-backs that go back and forth allow for vehicles to go up or down in a relatively safe manner. After passing through the mountain passes, we descended down the other side using Death Road. It has since been replaced by a modern highway, but it still draws travelers like us, especially those that want to ride bicycles down the twisting road. Roads like these are definitely ones that prove the saying that the journeys is as rewarding as the destination.

Winding Road Through the Andes
Looking Down at Part of Death Road
Climbing High Up the Side of the Mountain
Winding Down Death Road
Roads Carved into the Side of the Mountain


Frozen in Time

Have you ever wished that you could stop time? For those of you who are old enough to remember, there was an old Twilight Zone show where a man has a magical stop watch that will freeze time for everyone but himself. There probably isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t wish we had our own magical watch, but obviously that is never going to happen. The closest thing that we have to stopping time is through photography, where we can capture a moment in time and relive it forever. One of the things that we enjoy is seeing photographs of water that was in motion, but has become instantly frozen in the lens of the camera. Seeing these images are probably the closest that we will have to stopping time, so until we find our magical watch, we will have to make the most of the time that we have.

Fountain in Athens, Greece
Geyser in Iceland
Fountain in Coroico, Bolivia
Waterfall in Bolivia
Fountain at Piazza Navona in Rome
Trevi Fountain
Another View of Geysir Starting to Erupt


The Places Where You Never Thought You Would Go

When we were children, many of us dreamed of what it would like to be an explorer and to visit strange and unknown lands. Then we grew up and as we like to say, life got in the way. So we spent our time building careers and raising children and traveled to as many places as we could, but all without leaving our own country. Then, when our children moved out on their own, we started to venture out and start exploring the world. As like most people, we started out by going to places that were more familiar to us like England, France, Spain, and Mexico. Lately, though, we have gone to places that we had never really considered. This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is Unlikely and at this point we have been to many places that had you asked us ten years ago we would have never imaged ourselves visiting.

Tangiers, Morocco
Chennai, India
Amazon Rainforest