Another Colorado Sunset

One of the things that we love about living in Colorado are the incredible sunsets that we get from time to time. We enjoy seeing sunsets wherever we go, but there is something about seeing a sunset from your own home that is truly special. Perhaps it is the effect of the radiant colors, but watching a sunset is not only tranquil, but usually gives a warm feeling inside. Stopping for a moment and just watching the colors of the sky change and the sun dip below the horizon is almost like a micro-vacation, even if for only a few minutes. One of the things that made this sunset a little unique was that we weren’t facing west, watching the sun drop below the peaks of the mountains, but instead were facing east and seeing the rays of the sun get collected by the clouds. We took the photos with our phones, so the quality might not be as crisp, but you can still get a sense of it beauty. This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is Beloved and there is nothing that represents that more to us than these serene moments.

The Initial View
Swirling Clouds
Just Above the Trees
Consuming the Sky in the End


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