Not a Cloud in the Sky

Although clouds often enhance sunrises and sunsets, there is something about a crystal clear blue sky that is quite amazing. If the weather isn’t too hot, we really enjoy going on a hike when the skies are perfectly clear. Taking photographs when the blue sky silhouettes the objects in the foreground often really makes those objects stand out even more. Obviously you can’t just order up a clear sky when you want it, so when it happens it is certainly a wonderful treat. Here are just a few photographs of clear skies not just from hiking, but from places that we’ve visited as well.

Beautiful Arch and Blue Skies in Utah
Clear Blue Sky Behind the Statue in Laos
Clear Blue Sky Behind Pine Trees
Red Rock Framed by the Sky
Seagulls Filling the Sky

Variations of a Colorado Sunset

We love the sunsets that we get to see over the mountains of Colorado, they are especially vibrant during winter. As we watch the sun make its way toward the horizon, the skyline changes almost second by second. Just when we think that it can’t get any more spectacular, a minute later we are even more amazed. One of the places that we visit quite often has wonderful views of the mountains and we watched a couple of different sunsets over a two week period. After the sun made its way below the horizon, the sky turned to such a deep red in different ways on both occasions. We didn’t have our camera with us, so these photographs were taken with our phone. We have provided each sunset here in chronological order, so you’ll have to imagine enjoying a nice glass of wine and watching these beautiful sunsets.

Day One When the Sunset Caught Our Attention
Focusing on the Mountain Peaks
Reflecting Off of the Clouds
Absolutely Stunning with the Snow in the Foreground
One of the Last Views of Day One
Day Two as the Sun Dipped Below the Horizon
Starting to Reflect Against the Clouds
Changing from Yellow to Red
It was Like the Sky was on Fire
Final Views from Day Two

The Beauty of Colorado Sunsets

One of the things that we enjoy about living in Colorado are the amazing sunsets that we get to see almost all of the time. We enjoy seeing sunsets throughout out travels as well, but the ones that we see at home are equally impressive. Just like watching the sun set over water can be a mesmerizing experience, seeing the sun as it disappears behind the mountains is a very calming experience. We also get interesting clouds during the winter months and because they are often so low in the sky, it makes for an interesting contrast. Here are just a few of our favorite sunset photographs from here in Colorado.

Birds on the Treetops Watching the Sunset
Colorado Sunset
Sunset in Aspen
Sunset Over Pikes Peak
The Final Glow of Dusk