Autumn is Magical in the Colorado Mountains

Autumn is our favorite time of year to get into the mountains and go hiking. The weather can be cool and it is possible to get snow at times, but when the sun is shining and the leaves have turned golden, it is truly spectacular. We enjoy autumn everywhere and the different tapestry of colors that you find. Autumn in Colorado is a little unique from other places where the trees turn a dark gold, orange, and vibrant red. Those colors are beautiful and we definitely enjoy seeing them, but in Colorado, the Aspen trees turn a brilliant gold. When the sun hits the bright yellow leaves on a clear day, the trees almost seem to glow. So, for last week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge, Glow, we have chosen some photos from Beaver Creek.

View from Beaver Creek Trail
Golden Landscape
Surrounded by Glowing Trees
Beaver Creek Mountain
Hiking in Autumn

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