Colorful Scenery on the Holly’s Trail in Canyons Village Near Park City, Utah

There are obviously many wonderful trails in the vicinity of Park City in Utah and we chose to hike the Holly’s Trail, which was located near our resort. Although the trail starts at the base of a ski lift, once you climb up and away from the village, it then heads into the trees and you almost forget that you are located amongst the ski runs. Parts of the trail are moderate and other parts are easy, which makes it a great choice for anyone wanting to get out and explore nature without having to do a strenuous hike. Just because you are hiking the mountains that are used for skiing, they still attract a variety of animals during the summer and autumn months, so it is important to keep you eye out as you hike.

Colorful Scenery
The Trail Heading into the Trees
Clear Skies During Our Hike
Wild Flowers at the Start of the Hike
View of the Valley Below
Enjoying the Mountains All Around

It was a little warmer than we expected, but still the weather was nice and the skies were clear. The trees had started to turn and we were pleased to see a variety of golden yellow and burnt orange foliage throughout our hike. As we hiked higher above the Canyons Village, we were greeted with wonderful views of the valley below. It was definitely an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon and enjoy the natural beauty of the Utah mountains. We had a wonderful time in during our trip to Park City and getting out to do some hiking was certainly a highlight of our time there.

Colorful Bushes Along the Trail
Looking Down at the Lift Where the Trail Starts
The Views as We Climbed Higher
Burnt Orange Leaves on a Bush
Beginning of the Trail
More of the Autumn Colors

Autumn Leaves Strewn Across the Paths and Sidewalks

We may still be the heat of summer, but Autumn is certainly coming as this year seems to be going by fast and slow all at the same time. Whenever we travel during the Fall season, we often take photographs of the leaves either spread across the ground or across the paths and trails that we’re walking along. Regardless of whether it is in the mountains or in the cities, the leaves tend to fall everywhere all around you as walk amongst the trees. There is something very soothing and relaxing about looking at the leaves strewn across the ground.

Cool Temperatures and Fallen Leaves
Walking through a Park in Germany
Stairs to the Castle in Heidelberg, Germany
Aspen Leaves
Aspen Leaves on Snow Covered Trail
Walking along the Rhine

Walking on Fallen Leaves

During autumn, when the leaves begin to fall, we love taking walks among the fallen leaves. Especially when there is a slight breeze and the leaves fall all around you. If the leaves are dry, the soft crunch as you walk along the trail or sidewalk makes for a relaxing background noise. It can be very colorful seeing all of the leaves spread all across the ground. It is no wonder that it is something that we revisit again and again in our photographs as it invokes such strong memories both visually as well as with the other senses. When looking at photographs like these, it is almost as if you can feel the breeze, smell the autumn air, and even hear the rustling of the leaves overhead.

Tree Lined Sidewalk

Entrance to a Castle Covered in Leaves

Leaves in a Park in Warwick

Cool Temperatures and Fallen Leaves

Colorado Trail

Walking Along the Rhine River

Leaves Blowing on the Sidewalk

Leaves Beneath the Trees