Halls of History

When visiting the palaces, museums, and castles around the world, it is amazing to see the volume of art that exists in these amazing places. In many cases, there is so much artwork that they literally line the hallways with the art that they have collected. Halls are not just a way to traverse from one room to another room, but is a destination in and of itself. Whether lined with paintings, sculptures, tapestries, books, or rare artifacts, the amount of art can become overwhelming. It is hard to imagine the wealth of some of the kings and queens that collected such vast amounts of historic pieces and horded them for their own benefit. Fortunately, over time, these pieces of history have been returned to the public in the form of museums and other sites that have been opened to the public. For this week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, Hallways, we have chosen some photos of our favorite halls that surround you with incredible pieces of art.

Walking Through the Vatican Museum
Library in Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland
Inside of the Louvre
Warwick Castle Hallway Converts to a Banquet Room
Versailles Palace

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