Enjoying the Artwork on the Interior of Dome Ceilings

We always look up at the ceilings of places that we visit, especially if the building has a dome. Many of them are in cathedral, but not all of them. Throughout our history, people have been fascinated with the sky and the stars and often imagined what might exist up there. In many cases they use the ceilings to paint what they imagine might be beyond the clouds that hovered over their heads.

So Many Murals Inside of a Dome
Windows Inside of a Dome
The Cathedral of Granada – Cathedral of the Incarnation
One of the Domes Inside of a Mosque in Cairo
Beautiful Artwork in the Dome in Lucca
Ceiling of the Dome in a Church in Cairo

In other cases, artists just used the dome ceilings to create works of art that tell a story that changes with the direction you face as you look up at it. Sometimes the artist will just use the geometrical shape to create a unique look inside of the dome. Regardless of the style of artwork, looking up at interior of domes is something that is worth taking the time to pause and enjoy.

Looking Up at the Dome
Monastery Dome in Romania
Simplicity of a Dome in Rome
Dome Inside of Another Dome
Different Angle of the Dome of the Church in Cairo
Colorful Domed Ceiling Above an Altar in France

Seeing Street Art When Traveling

We have seen some truly interesting and beautiful art on the sides of buildings during our travels. Obviously not all of it is good and there is still plenty of graffiti to be found, but the work done by true artists can be quite wonderful. Art is something that unites all of us and the feelings that the images generate are not limited to the culture in which they were created. With that said, the culture also comes through in the art in the representations of the people, the colors, and at times the political message represented. More and more, as we travel we actively seek out street art in order to capture images of them to be part of our record of our visit. We are sharing just a sampling of that art and we don’t have a particular favorite. Do you capture images of street art and, if you do, do you have one that speaks to you more than others?

Tigers Getting Colorful Stripes in Carlsbad, California
A Woman Looking Like She is Peeking Through the Trees in Budapest
Building in Quito, Ecuador
Restaurant Wall in Prague
Fish Mosaic Wall in Vietnam
Chinatown Mural in San Francisco
Artwork in Cochabamba, Bolivia
Painted Building in Reykjavik, Iceland
Street Art in Panama City, Panama
Side of a Building in Denver, Colorado
Sandhill Cranes Painted on Wall in Southern Colorado
Surfing Mario at the Beach in California

Wat That Luang Neua in Vientiane, Laos

Of the many temples that we visited during our time in Vientiane, Wat That Luang Neua was one of the most interesting. From the reclining Buddha statue to the colorful images depicting the life of Buddha, it is truly a beautiful temple. Located near the famous Pha That Luang, it is certainly worth taking the time to visit during a walking tour of Vientiane.

Reclining Buddha at the Temple

Colorful Paintings

Golden Statue

Monks in the Temple

View of the Temple Ceiling

Ceremonial Items Inside the Temple

The golden statues are all quite interesting as you walk around the temple grounds. The temple itself is very open and has paintings depicting the life of Buddha all over the ceiling. The colors are so vibrant and the paintings are so interesting that one could spend hours looking at them. Local residents were setting up tables to provide food to the monks who worship there. It was certainly fascinating for us to see them going through their daily rituals.

More Monks in the Temple

Setting Up for Lunch

Entrance to a Temple Building

Openness of the Temple

Detailed Artwork

Buddha Statue

There are so many wats, or temples, to see in Vientiane, but Wat That Luang Neua is definitely a highlight. Considering how hot it was during our time in Vientiane, any time in the shade or inside of building was certainly a welcome relief. Going to several of the temples to see how they vary is something that we would definitely recommend.

Standing In the Temple Courtyard

Visually Stunning Temple

Details on a Temple Building

Telling the Story of Buddha

Depiction of a Statue that Was Under Construction

Another View of the Golden Statue

Temple Building

Close-Up of the Reclining Buddha