What Matters at the End of the Day

Sunset in Strasbourg, France

Like everyone else, we truly enjoy traveling and getting to see so many fascinating places. It is what drives us to discover different countries and cities that we might have never visited. But why take the time to write about our trips? Lets face it, blogging is hard work, so why commit to it the way that we do?

Sunset in Scottsdale, Arizona
Sunset in Frankfurt, Germany

Every day, we get to read so many wonderful blogs from other people who inspire us and teach us about so many various things and places. What gives us the greatest pleasure when we’re not on a trip is the interaction that we get from everyone who reads our stories. We feel lucky to be part of such a special community and enjoy every comment that people leave on our site. For this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge, Satisfaction, we chose a few photos of some recent sunsets. At the end of the day, we don’t have to put our stories out there for all to see, but we continue to do it because of the satisfaction we receive due to the connections that we make with all of you.

Sunset in Athens, Greece
Sunset in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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  2. Totally agree with you that bloggers have the satisfaction of having to connect with people through their posts. By having our experiences told in blog posts, we share and exchange ideas with like-minded people. Thank you for sharing!

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