An Overwhelming, Emotional Experience

When we visited New York City in July of 2015, we went to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. Walking through the exhibit was almost surreal. Despite the number of people, it was so quiet that you literally could have heard a pin drop as people walked to each of the displays. The museum is set up so that as you walk through it, you see events in chronological order as they occurred on that fateful day that every American who was alive at that time can remember vividly. At one point, you get to see the remains of one of fire trucks that was crushed in the collapse and your heart can’t help but sink thinking about the first responders that arrived in that vehicle. We have great respect for first responders and the sacrifices that they make. For this week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, Fire Trucks, Fire Houses, and Fire Hydrants, we have a couple of photos that we took during our visit to the museum.

One of the Fire Trucks from September 11
People Viewing the Fire Truck in the Museum
Standing in the Museum Entrance

Fire in Colorado Springs is a scary thing as we have had a couple of devastating fires in the area. When a fire broke out in our neighborhood just a few days after the Waldo Canyon Fire burned down hundreds of homes, it was quite unnerving. Thankfully, the fire fighters got it under control quickly.

Trucks on Our Street
Fire Trucks and Hoses

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  • I also have been to NYC and payed my respects to the events of 9/11. My best friend and I were on an America tour and one my last stops was New York City. I really wanted to see where the towers feel and give my time towards the memorial. I would not call this a bucket list moment as it was a weird feeling. I was never alive to experience WW1 or WW2 or history similar of such. I remember i was at the age of ten years old and i was heading of to school when i saw pictures of the towers falling. I was old enough to realize that the events that just happened were of chaotic madness. So it was surreal to go back to the same place i saw the events happen on the TV years later.

    The 9/11 memorial tribute is beautiful and quiet as all you hear is the water running.
    My only problem i saw well this is my own opinion is. I did not like people taking a selfie in front of the memorial. I found it so disrespect full to the innocent lives lost. Me and my friend at one point just sat down on a bench and collected our thoughts for 15mins. We didn’t talk one bit nothing… just reflecting i will never forget that moment.

    Thank you for this post.

    • Thank you for reading and your comments. Yes, it is a very surreal experience going through the memorial. We both remember watching the horrific incident on TV and could not believe what we were seeing. We agree with your opinion about taking selfies in front of the memorial. We have seen this occur at other memorials as well.

  • Seeing them fire-trucks is truly heartbreaking! The daily sacrifices made by first responders is unparalleled!
    The museum experience I’m sure was hard to describe, I felt the exact same way visiting the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Berlin.

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