We Have Arrived at Our New Headquarters

We have been silent for the past several weeks as we embarked on changing our location from Colorado to Maryland. We have finally moved into our new place in Baltimore and are starting to settle in. We still have a lot to do over the coming weeks in order get fully moved in, but we are looking forward to starting new adventures in the area and getting overseas as well. There are so many opportunities for us and we are truly excited about what will discover in the coming weeks and months.

Views of Baltimore
Interesting Architecture

Moving across the country is definitely a daunting experience and even as organized as we are, it is still very overwhelming. We can hardly wait to share our stories as we explore our own backyard in the city of Baltimore. We may have a few more days of being quiet, but should be back to “normal” in the near future.

We are Blocks from the Water
Baltimore’s Inner Harbor Area

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  1. Funny. I just booked one night in Baltimore this afternoon. Attending a concert with my daughter in May at that Pier Six venue. Good look settling in.

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