Historic Trinity Church on the Corner of Broadway and Wall Street in New York City

We decided to spend time in Lower Manhattan during our recent visit to New York City. One of the places that enjoyed seeing was Trinity Church, which is located at Broadway and Wall Street and is surrounded by towering skyscrapers. The fact that the church is located in the heart of the city does not diminish the beauty of the church, but it is different that a lot of cathedrals and churches in Europe where the church dominates the skyline. The church is an active church that received its first charter from King William III in 1697 when the America’s were in their infancy.

One of the Memorials
Looking Up at the Steeple
View of the Cemetery

The first thing that strikes out to you as you visit Trinity Church is the historic cemetery with its oldest headstone dating back to 1861. The headstone is for Richard Churcher, the 5-year-old son of William Churcher. The cemetery is also the gravesite of Alexander Hamilton and there are also many different monuments in the graveyard. It is a peaceful spot in an otherwise very busy part of the city.

Some of the Oldest Headstones
Church Grounds
Steeple with Skyscrapers in the Background

The facade of the building is quite stunning with its huge steeple reaching toward the sky. Within the steeple are 12 change-ringing bells that rotate 360 degrees making a rich and complex sound. It is the only set of these types of bells in the United States. We did not enter the church during our visit, but just walking around the grounds was quite interesting. With such an amazing history and architecture, Trinity Church is quite fascinating, especially considering the juxtaposition between the church and the surrounding modern buildings.

Above Ground Tomb
Another Monument
Statues on the Side of the Church

The Beautiful Greenery of the Elevated Acre in Lower Manhattan

We spent the past weekend exploring some different parts of Manhattan in New York City. We have visited New York previously and did most of the traditional tourist items like going Rockefeller Plaza, the Top of the Rock, Empire State Building, and seeing a play on Broadway, so this trip we wanted to do some different things. It was quite hot over the weekend, so one thing that we certainly appreciated along with the people who live in New York is taking advantage of whatever green spaces there are in the city. One of the places we went to see was the Elevated Acre, which is located at 55 Water Street.

Flower Garden
Views of the City
Great Place to Relax

The Elevated Acre is an outdoor park with flowers, benches, and views of the river, making it a great spot to relax on a summer afternoon. There is also an area of artificial grass where people can rest or play. Part of the appeal is the fact that it is somewhat elevated, which provides for a slight breeze as well as the interesting views. There were several tourists boats out on the river as well as a helicopter pad nearby where we saw a few different helicopters landing and taking off.

People on the Artificial Grass
One of the River Cruise Ships
Green Space

We went to a few different parks during our weekend trip, including returning to Central Park for further exploring, but we certainly enjoyed going to the Elevated Acre. We could certainly see it being a place where local businesspeople could go for a relaxing lunch break and almost forget about the fact that they were in the midst of the big city. There was a groundskeeper in the plaza while we were there and clearly, they take good care of the plants and green spaces.

Helicopters Landing and Taking Off
Looking Down at Another Park
Forgetting About the City
Trees and Skyscrapers

We Have Arrived at Our New Headquarters

We have been silent for the past several weeks as we embarked on changing our location from Colorado to Maryland. We have finally moved into our new place in Baltimore and are starting to settle in. We still have a lot to do over the coming weeks in order get fully moved in, but we are looking forward to starting new adventures in the area and getting overseas as well. There are so many opportunities for us and we are truly excited about what will discover in the coming weeks and months.

Views of Baltimore
Interesting Architecture

Moving across the country is definitely a daunting experience and even as organized as we are, it is still very overwhelming. We can hardly wait to share our stories as we explore our own backyard in the city of Baltimore. We may have a few more days of being quiet, but should be back to “normal” in the near future.

We are Blocks from the Water
Baltimore’s Inner Harbor Area