The Weathered Buildings of Panama City, Panama

Living in a tropical environment sounds like it would be an amazing experience, but with all of the rain, humidity, and wind, it is a constant battle to keep buildings from decaying. When we were in Panama City in Panama, we visited the historic old town area known as Casco Viejo and we spent several hours over a few days walking the different side streets of the town. Obviously the desire is to keep the historic buildings the same as their original construction, but the older materials are not as resistant to weather as new materials are. It makes for an interesting effect to see the buildings in different states of decay and there seemed to be ongoing repairs throughout the old town area.

Nature Taking Over
Colorful and Beautiful Despite the Decay
Fighting the Tropical Conditions
Contrasting the New and Old
Church Bell Tower
Unique and Interesting
No Roof or Window
Industrial Building
Not Much Remaining

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  • I am sad to see that your photos do not give a good image of the Casco Viejo, there is better places to see as well ๐Ÿ™‚ . It used to be a neighbourhood inhabited by the richest people. Then with time and little maintenance, the level of housing gradually declined. In recent years, thanks to the support of tourism, there has been a real effort to restore the old houses. In the meantime the most fragile are maintained with their exterior walls only. In a few years, I am sure this will be the equivalent of Cartagena for our greatest pleasure.

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