Wherever You Travel, Flowers will Make You Smile

It doesn’t matter what part of the world that we travel to, we enjoy seeing the beautiful flowers of the area. Whether it is in the parks, on a trail, or just around the buildings downtown, there are always wonderful flowers or flowering plants around. In fact we have enjoyed taking photographs of the colorful flowers so much that we have put several posts out dedicated just to the images of the flowers that we have captured. Here a few of the posts that we have previously shared:

Colorful Flowers
Purple Flowers

Colorful Flowers Around the World – We tried to share images of flowers from many different countries and continents to show the natural beauty that can be found all around the world. The variety of flowers is as diverse as the scenery in all of the different parts of the world where they exist.

Poinciana Tree as We Looked Skyward
Pretty Pink Flowers at a Temple Complex

The Flowers of Egypt – Egypt can be a harsh environment with desert covering much of the landscape, but that didn’t mean that we didn’t see some very colorful flowers during our time there. In contrast to the heat and sand, the bright flowers really stood out.

Purple Wildflowers
Rugged Beauty

The Wildflowers of Colorado – We do quite a bit of hiking in Colorado and really enjoy seeing the different wildflowers. They can be found growing in some of the most rugged places and we are amazed to see them literally growing out of the sides of boulders.

Tropical Flower
Flowers in the Jungles of Ecuador

Seeing Tropical Flowers When Traveling – We have been to several tropical countries and have seen some of the most amazing flowers, but these exotic flowers can be found in many other places as well. The tropical climates certainly provide all of the conditions necessary to create some quite stunning flowers.

Flower in the Jungle of Panama
Butterfly on a Flower

Some of Our Favorite Flower Photographs – The title of the post pretty much says it all. The focus here though was on individual flowers as opposed to beds of flowers or flowering bushes. Focusing in on a single flower often allows you to clearly see all of the beauty that the flower has to offer.

The Weathered Buildings of Panama City, Panama

Living in a tropical environment sounds like it would be an amazing experience, but with all of the rain, humidity, and wind, it is a constant battle to keep buildings from decaying. When we were in Panama City in Panama, we visited the historic old town area known as Casco Viejo and we spent several hours over a few days walking the different side streets of the town. Obviously the desire is to keep the historic buildings the same as their original construction, but the older materials are not as resistant to weather as new materials are. It makes for an interesting effect to see the buildings in different states of decay and there seemed to be ongoing repairs throughout the old town area.

Nature Taking Over
Colorful and Beautiful Despite the Decay
Fighting the Tropical Conditions
Contrasting the New and Old
Church Bell Tower
Unique and Interesting
No Roof or Window
Industrial Building
Not Much Remaining

Some of Our Favorite Flower Photographs

Regardless of where we travel to, our eyes are naturally drawn to colorful flowers. Sometimes we take photographs of an entire bed of flowers, but other times we will focus in on a single flower to see all of the amazing details. It is also a way to see how various parts of the flower reflects light differently, creating unique contrasts. Here are some of our favorite flower photographs that we’ve taken during different trips to different parts of the world.

Beautiful Wildflower
White and Red Orchid
Tropical Flower
Colorful Flower in Ecuador
Butterfly on a Flower
Very Unique
Flower in the Jungle of Panama
Purple Wildflower
Interesting Yellow Wildflower
Tropical Flower in Panama