The Statues of Budapest’s Castle District

Walking around the Castle District that sits high on the hill of the Buda portion of Budapest is certainly a wonderful experience. In addition the Royal Palace, Matthias Church, and Fisherman’s Bastion, you will see a variety of statues as you walk around the area. From popes to kings, there are many different statues on the grounds. Some of the more interesting statues aren’t necessarily dedicated to any particular individual.

King Matthias and His Hunting Party
Holy Trinity Column
Andras Hadik on Horseback
Lion Guarding the Palace Entrance
St. Stephen

There are statues of people riding horses including those of St. Stephen, Prince Eugene of Savoy, Andras Hadik, and Gorgey Artur. One of the more interesting is actually a fountain that is on the side of the palace of King Matthias and his hunting party. The Holy Trinity Column outside of Matthias Church is probably the most recognizable with all of the different features.

Historian that is Part of King Matthias’ Hunting Party
Pope Innocent XI
Dramatic Statue of Prince Eugene
Memorial of Buda Castle Recovery
Gate Leading to the Palace Courtyard

There is also a statue of Pope Innocent XI and the Memorial of Buda Castle Recovery. The gate leading into the palace courtyard is adorned with a variety of statues. It wouldn’t be a palace without a statue of a lion guarding the entrance. All of the statues located throughout the castle district simply adds to the historic feel of the area.

Details of the Holy Trinity Column
Statue at the Bottom of the Trail Leading to the Castle District
Relief of King Matthias
Gorgey Artur

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