Fest Des Federweissen (Fall Wine Festival) in Frankfurt, Germany

It is hard to believe that it has been four years since we sold our home and moved to Frankfurt, Germany. It was a wonderful experience that gave us the opportunity to see many different cities and countries. During our first week in Frankfurt, we enjoyed the first of many festivals that we would get to see during our time there. The Fest Des Federweissen is a celebration of the wine harvest and specifically in Frankfurt it is about the Apfelwein. Traditionally Apfelwein is served in a pretty little jug called a Bembel and we actually received one from one our favorite restaurants as a gift before moving back to the United States.

Wine and Beer at the Festival
Our First, But Definitely Not Our Last, Glasses of Apfelwein (Bembel in the Background)
People at the Potato House
Popcorn and Other Sweets

Although wine is the star of the festival, it wouldn’t be a German festival without many varieties of food stalls, especially those selling sausages (wurst). The festival was located between Frankfurt’s busy shopping district and the old town (Altstadt) square. Although we would later go to many different Christmas markets throughout Europe, this little festival was just a small taste of what we would get to enjoy. With this year being the way it has with very little opportunities to explore places, we are definitely missing the time we spent living in Germany.

Where We Tried Our First Apfelwein
More Food to Choose From
Wine is Definitely the Star of the Festival
Starting to Get Busy

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