Free Music at the First Thursday Festivals in Canton

On the first Thursday of the month from May through September, there is a free concert at the Canton Waterfront Park in Baltimore, Maryland. There are several local bands who play on the main stage and there are also food trucks and vendors selling a variety of arts, crafts, and other goods. This was our first time going to the festival, which can get very busy, so it was interesting to see and enjoy some of the live music. The concert goes on rain or shine and on this day, rain was in the forecast, which caused the crowds to gather later than normal, but the rain held off making it a wonderful evening.

Main Stage
Water in the Background
Colorful Bus Used as a Stall
One of the Bands
People Sitting on the Lawn

Since the concert is located at the waterfront park, the backdrop to the concert is the water of the bay and the large trees of the park provide a place to find some shade. People come with blankets or chairs and sit on the lawn to listen to the variety of bands that play throughout the evening. The music starts at 6:00 pm and the bands play until almost 10:00 pm. This is the first year since the start of the pandemic that the concerts have been held, so the excitement in the area for their return was very obvious. With three more concerts to be held this summer, we look forward to enjoying them in the coming months.

Vendors Selling Items
Crowds Gathering

Lawn Chairs on the Grass
Entering Into the Park

Ski Resorts are Not Just for Ski Season

One of the great things about living in Colorado is that you can get into the mountains in every season of the year. Obviously, the winter is all about skiing and snow boarding, but the other seasons are just as wonderful for hiking, biking, wildlife watching, and just enjoying the beauty of nature. There are many places to stay during those times of year, but the same resorts that are home to ski resorts also make a great destination year round. Ski lifts will take you and your bikes up to the top of the mountain for a thrilling ride down and ski runs are converted to hiking trails. There are also zip lines and other outdoor activities like putt-putt golf, tennis, horseback riding, and golf. There are even some resorts where you can ride down an alpine slide in cars that fly down the luge track. Depending on when you go into the mountains, you will also find a variety of festivals including those with music and film. We have been to several of them, but here a few of our favorite locations.

Aspen City Hall
Downtown Aspen

Aspen – There is something special about this elegant city in the Colorado high country. The town has maintained a small town feel and walking the streets will be like going back in time to when skiing first became a popular sport. There is a reason that the Food and Wine festival is held in Aspen as there are an abundance of excellent restaurants for a town of its size.

Looking Down at the Village in Late Spring
Beaver Creek Colorado

Beaver Creek – Truly one of our favorite destinations no matter what time of year, there is so much to do in Beaver Creek. There are rodeos on the weekends in the small town of Frisco, which is located at the base of the mountain, just outside of the resort. The resort has activities for all ages and physical capabilities and has some excellent hiking and biking trails.

View of Downtown Steamboat Springs
Fun for the Children

Steamboat Springs – With a main street that has many different gift shops and restaurants, there is plenty to do during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. It is one of the easier destinations to get to from Denver, which makes it a popular location for locals to visit on weekends. The town hosts different events throughout the summer, so it is wise to check out their activities calendar to see what is happening during the time that you are planning to go there.

Breckenridge Alpine Slide
Alpine Slide
Steep Terrain Near Breckenridge

Breckenridge – Although all of the resorts are family friendly, Breckenridge offers a wide variety of activities that will entertain children of all ages. For those that don’t just want to spend time hiking in the Rocky Mountains, you could pretty much spend all of your time at the resort if you so desired. Obviously, we’d recommend that you get out into nature either walking on a trail or riding horses to feel like an old-time cowboy or cowgirl.

Historic Streets of Telluride
Gorgeous Vistas

Telluride – Located in southwestern Colorado, Telluride is farther away than most of the other resorts, but well worth the effort to visit. It hosts one of the most famous jazz and bluegrass festivals in the state. The town of Telluride has managed to keep that small town feel despite being a popular resort destination in both the summer and winter seasons. In order to allow the town to keep is historic feel, the resorts are purposely located in the Mountain Village with a free gondola providing transportation between the village and the actual town of Telluride. There are some smaller condominiums and homes for rent within the town itself, making a great alternative to the larger resorts that are located on the side of the mountain.

There are plenty of other towns and villages where you can stay when heading to the mountains of Colorado, but staying at one of the ski resorts offer some extra activities that you might not otherwise find. With plenty of stores, restaurants, and lodges of various size, you can truly customize your experience.

Fest Des Federweissen (Fall Wine Festival) in Frankfurt, Germany

It is hard to believe that it has been four years since we sold our home and moved to Frankfurt, Germany. It was a wonderful experience that gave us the opportunity to see many different cities and countries. During our first week in Frankfurt, we enjoyed the first of many festivals that we would get to see during our time there. The Fest Des Federweissen is a celebration of the wine harvest and specifically in Frankfurt it is about the Apfelwein. Traditionally Apfelwein is served in a pretty little jug called a Bembel and we actually received one from one our favorite restaurants as a gift before moving back to the United States.

Wine and Beer at the Festival
Our First, But Definitely Not Our Last, Glasses of Apfelwein (Bembel in the Background)
People at the Potato House
Popcorn and Other Sweets

Although wine is the star of the festival, it wouldn’t be a German festival without many varieties of food stalls, especially those selling sausages (wurst). The festival was located between Frankfurt’s busy shopping district and the old town (Altstadt) square. Although we would later go to many different Christmas markets throughout Europe, this little festival was just a small taste of what we would get to enjoy. With this year being the way it has with very little opportunities to explore places, we are definitely missing the time we spent living in Germany.

Where We Tried Our First Apfelwein
More Food to Choose From
Wine is Definitely the Star of the Festival
Starting to Get Busy