Seeing the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace

Seeing the changing of the Queen’s Guards at Buckingham Palace is truly a memorable experience. The iconic ceremony draws hundreds of people to see the not only the guards, but the marching band that marches its way around the Victoria Memorial to the entrance of the palace. Buckingham Palace serves as the residency of the Royal Family as well as the administrative headquarters of the monarch.

Watching the Marching Band
Ornate Gates of the Palace
Guards Marching in the Courtyard
Buckingham Palace

Although the ceremony has been put on hold due to the number of people that it draws to the location, when it resumes it is well worth taking the time to see if you are in London. We were fortunate enough to have a mostly sunny day to watch the guards march in front of the palace entrances. Even if you don’t make it to the changing of the guard, simply seeing the palace is worth the visit. If you do go to the changing of the guards, be sure to go early if you want to get a good view as people line up early to see the ceremony.

A Sense of the Crowds
The Band Approaching
Victoria Memorial with Crowds Below
The Unicorn on the Gate
The Palace After the Crowds Disperse

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