History on the Walls of European Restaurants

One of the things that we enjoy when going to restaurants during our travels is to see artwork depicting the city as it looked back in time. In addition to historic pictures, we also like seeing vintage signs or paintings that are specific to the area. We find that having a relaxing meal while looking at these unique pieces of art that take you back in time is quite fascinating. We have visited restaurants in many different countries that adorn their walls with this kind of artwork, but we especially enjoyed the ones that we saw in Europe. We even took the time to take photographs of the walls while we were at the restaurants because we found them so interesting. The photographs don’t always turn out the best, but they are mostly for our own enjoyment.

Sitting in the Booth of One of Our Favorite Pubs in Frankfurt
Brazen Head Pub – The Oldest Pub in Dublin, Ireland
Signs on the Ceiling of a Restaurant in Hochheim, Germany
Painting of Einstein in a Restaurant in Koblenz
Historic Photographs on the Walls of a Restaurant in Florence, Italy
Painting of Alsace Women in Strasbourg, France
Vintage Sign in Germany
Brewery in Cologne
Pictures on the Walls in Vienna, Austria

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