Walking Our Neighborhood in Frankfurt, Germany

One of the things that we did just before moving back to Colorado from Frankfurt was to take our normal walk through the neighborhood and take photographs. For the most part, we took them so that we would have them to remember our time there and the places that we visited frequently. They obviously aren’t the typical tourist type of pictures, but it might give you a sense of what it is like there. Our apartment was located between the university and the old opera house and we walked these streets every day as we didn’t have a car and used public transportation to get around. We got used to going to different stores with apartments above them for dry goods, meat, produce, bread, and of course the pharmacy. So, join us as we walk from our apartment building towards Altstadt in Frankfurt.

Our Apartment Building
View from the Front of the Apartment Building
The Penny Store (Dry Goods and Groceries) Across the Street from Our Apartment Building
Our Butcher
The Pharmacy on the Corner Across from Our Apartment
Offices and Apartments as We Walk Down the Street
Almost to the Opera House
Park for Everyone in the Neighborhood
Walking Around the Old Opera House
View as You Get to the Front of the Old Opera House
Subway Station Surrounded by Stores and Apartments
Main Street
Old Town Up Ahead (and Time for a Beer)

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