Stepping Back into History at the Jamestown Settlement in Virginia

Located on the banks of the James River in Virginia is the Jamestown Settlement, which was first permanent English colony in America. The first colonists arrived in 1607 where they lived and worked to establish a foothold on the continent. Today, the Jamestown Settlement provides visitors the opportunity to climb onboard replicas of the ships that brought the settlers on the arduous journey across the Atlantic Ocean, participate in reenactments, and see the archeological efforts that are still ongoing today.

Participating in Reenactments
You Can Ask Questions at the Exhibits

It is a great place to learn about the history of the people who ventured to the “New World” and the difficulties that they faced. The Jamestown Settlement is located near Williamsburg, Virginia and combining a visit to both locations is a great way to follow the history of the people who went from a rustic settlement with wooden buildings to the first capital city of Virginia with its mansions and cobblestone streets.

Demonstrating Firing a Rifle
You Can Climb Onboard the Ship Replicas

There are obviously plenty of restaurants, shops, and places to stay in the area. We visited many years ago at this point, when our children were old enough to appreciate the significance of the Jamestown Settlement. All these years later, it is still a location that they remember seeing and enjoying their experiences there. Admission is only $10 for anyone older than 16 and those under 16 are free, making this an easily affordable adventure for the whole family.

Making Bullets to Protect the Settlement
Learning to Fire a Cannon

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