Finding Cabins from the 1800’s in the Mountains of Colorado

Here in Colorado, it is not uncommon to find home sites from some of the original settlers being semi-preserved on the lands of state and national parks. Not only are these cabins and ruins fascinating to see, but they are a reminder as to the harshness of nature and how difficult life must have been for those early adventurers. It is hard to imagine what life must have been like living without heat in a wooden cabin deep in the woods with wolves, bears, coyotes, and other animals all around. On a bright, sunny day, it becomes clear why someone would want to brave the elements in order to live in such a beautiful place. It must have been truly special to walk out of your front door every day and see the glory of nature. We have put together a collection of different wooden cabins that we have encountered during our various hikes in the Colorado mountains.

Looking Up at a Cabin on the Trail
Roof Collapsing
Inside of a Cabin
Cabin in Beaver Creek
Just the Wooden Logs Remaining
Snow Covered Roof
Perhaps Still in Use
Near Cripple Creek
Not Safe to Enter

5 thoughts on “Finding Cabins from the 1800’s in the Mountains of Colorado

  1. It’s fascinating to imagine life in one of these cabins 100 or so years ago.
    I think I recognize the one with the snow-covered roof. Did you take it at Mueller SP? We have walked past his building many times.

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