Views from the Airplane

It is hard to believe that it has been more than five months since the last time that we boarded an airplane to go someplace new. Several years ago we started taking photographs through the windows of the airplanes, cars, and trains that we travel on. We actually find it interesting to look back not only at the locations that we’ve visited, but also the journey itself, to, from, and around the various countries. When we visited Acapulco in Mexico this past February, just prior to countries shutting down, we boarded a plane prior to the sun having even starting to rise. We watched the sunrise as we flew into Houston to catch our connection to continue on to Mexico. We look back at that particular journey with a combination of sadness and longing to travel once again.

First Hint of the Sunrise
The Mountains of Mexico
Looking Out of Our Window
Sun Just Crossing the Horizon
First Sign of the Coast
Another Airplane on the Tarmac at Sunrise

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