The Mountain Village in Telluride, Colorado

If you visit Telluride, Colorado, it is likely that you will stay in one of the resorts in the Mountain Village. It is truly a self-sufficient resort community with plenty of restaurants and shops located amongst the many different ski runs on the mountainside. Much like one of our favorite getaways, Beaver Creek, the Mountain Village has a European feel that is part of its deliberate design.

Center of the Village with the Ice Skating Rink Covered for Summer
Statue in Town
Taking the Gondola into the Mountain Village

Because all of the large condominium resorts are located in the Mountain Village, you will likely find it busier than the town of Telluride itself. There is a free gondola that will take you to and from the town of Telluride and there is also another free gondola that carries people back and forth between the Mountain Village and the shops and grocery store at the Market Plaza.

Restaurant Where We Ate Lunch
Bird in the Village
Gondola Station and Bell Tower

The Mountain Village is almost a 1,000 feet (about 300 meters) higher than Telluride and sits at 9,540 feet (about 2,900 meters) above sea level, so be sure to give yourself time to acclimate to the altitude. If you purchase a pass, you can also take one of the ski lifts with a mountain bike to the top of the mountain in order to ride your bike down one of the many trails. There are also several hiking trails leading from the Mountain Village.

Condominiums in the Village
Outdoor Seating to Enjoy the Mountain Sunshine
Beautiful Architecture

We did not stay in the Mountain Village on this trip to Telluride, but we did stay there several years ago and you can enjoy an entire week without ever going into the actual town of Telluride, but we’d highly recommend that you go into town at least once to enjoy the historic architecture and friendly restaurants. The town of Telluride and the Mountain Village are truly different experiences, each with their own charm and ambiance.

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