How Do You Get Noticed?

Even if you are a wallflower or not, there are times when you want to be noticed. Everyone wants to be recognized for their accomplishments, whether personal or work related, we all need validation of what we’ve achieved. Unfortunately, we don’t always get the acknowledgement that we are hoping for and sometimes it seems as though people only notice when things go wrong. Although we should all have a sense of humility, there are times when you have to subtly bring attention to the things that you are proud of. It is human nature to want to be seen, to stand out in the crowd, perhaps even to be the center of attention at times. Maybe it isn’t just human nature, but just part of nature itself. The trees in these photos seem to be trying to grab everyone’s attention as if to say “look at me”. Perhaps we could learn a lesson from Mother Nature and learn to let ourselves stand out and accept some praise.

Pink Tree in Bloom in the Amazon
Beautiful Foliage in Koblenz
Aspen Leaves on Snow Covered Trail
Majestic Tree in England
Colorful Tree in Heidelberg
Colorful Aspen Grove
Standing Out in the Jungle
Colorful Tree in Ecuador from the River


10 thoughts on “How Do You Get Noticed?

  1. The trees do stand out, nature is a beautiful thing! It is so true that people have a desire to be seen because I feel like we all have at least some form of desire to be loved, noticed, or accepted!

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