Traveling on Spaceship Earth

As you travel to various parts of the world, you begin to realize that the planet that we live on has some strange and fascinating features due to the forces that created it. There are definitely places that we have visited that seem almost other-worldly. You could easily imagine yourself as having stepped off of a spaceship and walking around the surface of some foreign planet. It is amazing how truly unique and beautiful our world really is, although some places can be somewhat scary and foreboding. People that truly love to travel, especially to unique places in the world, have that same spirit of exploration that led our ancestors to risk their lives in order to discover new lands and map the world that we live in. If you could jump into a rocket and travel to other planets in other solar systems, would you?

Moon Valley
Unique Geology in Colorado Up Close
Cavern Carved by Water in Morocco
Amazing Scenery in Yellowstone
Lava Field in Iceland
Fish Under Water
Colorful Formations
Supposed Alien Face in Tiwanaku
Incredible Landscape in Moon Valley


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