Are You in Other People’s Travel Photos?

When taking photos of popular places while traveling, it is hard not to get other tourists in your photos. Although we always try to take pictures in a way that avoids the crowds, sometimes there just isn’t a way to keep people out of them. Even worse, when you have a camera in your hand, some people seem to stare right at you, so you end up with photos with someone looking like they are glaring at you. Instead of capturing a candid moment of the place you are visiting, you end up with a photo that seems somehow awkward. As we looked through our pictures for this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge, A Face in the Crowd, we started to wonder how many times we might show up in someone else’s photo album. We can imagine them looking back at the pictures from their favorite vacation and wondering to themselves, who are these people who shared the same moment in time with them. Do you ever imagine who the strangers might be that are in your photographs, perhaps even guessing where they are from, what they do, or if they are a spy for some foreign entity? Maybe you have a photo of someone who became famous after you captured their image and you don’t even know it.

Hochheim, Germany
Getting Looks in Strasbourg, France
People in Prague, Czech Republic
The Streets of Florence, Italy
Vienna, Austria
Taking Photos in a Crowd in Prague


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