Getting Away from the Maddening Crowds

Traveling is often a case of going to places that attract large crowds and long lines. It is an unavoidable consequence of going to places that are popular with other tourists and it certainly doesn’t mean that those places should be avoided. We have made no secret of the fact that we don’t like crowds, so we try to visit places off-season when the crowds are smaller. In addition, we try to include getting away from the crowds and visiting places that are more secluded or off of the beaten path as part of our trips. Some people who look at our photos and read our posts often say to us that we seem so adventurous because they always see photos of us hiking trails, climbing in the mountains, or going into the woods or jungle. It isn’t that we are really that adventurous, we just enjoy getting away from the crowds and seeing some of the natural beauty that a place has to offer. We purposely add those excursions into our trips whenever possible. Travel is so stressful in general that we highly recommend that you take the time to get away from the noise and give yourself even a brief opportunity for contemplation. This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is Silence, so here a few photos that we have taken while trying to see places where we could be alone with our thoughts and enjoy natural beauty.

Walking Along the Rhine River
Countryside near Ronda, Spain
Irish Countryside
The Path of the Incan Guards in Bolivia
Hiking in the Fog of the Amazon Jungle in Ecuador
Even in Chennai, India, Some Solitude
Wine Road with Vineyards in France


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