Connecting the World

In this modern world where almost any destination is an airplane ride away or even an internet search away, it is hard to imagine a time when travel was difficult or sometimes impossible. Since the beginning of civilization, people have always been finding ways to connect with other parts of the world, whether by building roads, learning to sail ships, or building bridges. Many people sacrificed their lives to build the infrastructure that connect the cities and towns that we now take for granted. As we travelled throughout Europe, we used to joke with one another that wherever we went, we would see a castle, a cathedral, and a bridge. There is a reason that bridges have become such a focal point from a historical perspective in almost every city around the world. The next time you visit a city and a bridge is one of the top sights to see, try and transport yourself back in time when that was the only way for the citizens to get in and out of their city and how incredibly important that was to the community. This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is Bridge, so we are sharing photos of some of our favorite bridges.

Ponte Vecchio in Florence
Bridge at Ronda, Spain
DuSable Bridge in Chicago
Charles Bridge in Prague
La Paz Bolivia
Cologne, Germany

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