Aim for Your Goals

If you don’t set any goals for yourself, how can you know if you are making progress to whatever you deem as success? Goals help you remain focused and moving towards your desired target. It is important to revisit and adjust your goals throughout the year so that you can be sure that they remain realistic and achievable. Sometimes something happens that will cause you to change your goals as life sometimes takes you in different directions. We set one goal for ourselves after spending time in Europe and that was to visit more of Central and South America. With that in mind, we booked our trip to visit Ecuador in September. We are also planning on seeing more of our own state as well as nearby states, assuming that our work schedules cooperate. This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is Focus, so while we ponder what we’re focused on, here are some close-up photos that focus on various flowers.

Flower in Our Backyard
Beautiful Wildflower
Flower in Denver’s Civic Center Park
Mushroom Caps

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