Looking Up

After a long winter of mostly gray skies, we are enjoying seeing sunshine once again. Whether walking the streets of a city or hiking the trails in the mountains, it is very common to take photos looking skyward. Sometimes it is because it is the only way to capture a building in the narrow streets of major metropolises because you don’t have the opportunity to step back and take in the whole scene without turning your camera skyward. Other times, it is just the natural inclination to look up through the tops of the tree branches and see the bright blue sky beyond the green foliage. We are a little late for last week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, Sky, but here are our photos for the challenge.

The Dom in Florence
Palm Tree in Bolivia
Cologne Cathedral
Colorado Mountains
We Head Back to Vegas in Two Weeks
Michelangelo Piazza in Florence
Looking Up in the Amazon Jungle


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