When traveling, you often see a contrasts between the old and the new living side-by-side. It can be as simple as a satellite dish on an building that is hundreds of years old or as complex as historic building surrounded by modern skyscrapers. For this week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, Old and New, we have chosen a few images that invoke the balance between growth and change and the desire to hold on to the past. It is a complex topic, the desire to capture time in a bottle for everyone to see for generations to come and the need for a society to move forward and grow into the future. It is easy as an American, with a limited history, to want the rest of the world to be frozen in time, just for us to see what it was like in the past rather than just another modern city. Like it or not, the world moves forward, cities and people evolve, time is the ultimate conqueror of everything. Enjoy what you can see while you can because more than likely, one day it will be gone, which isn’t always a bad thing, it just means that life is moving forward.

Manually Plowing Fields with Power Lines in the Background
Old Town Frankfurt with a Skyscraper Viewing the Scene
The Acropolis with Cranes in the Foreground


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