Just on the Horizon

As another year draws to a close, we often reflect on the year that has been as well as think about the future ahead of us. We don’t tend to dwell too much on the past or worry too much about what may lie ahead as we have seen plans come and go within the blink of an eye. Instead, we prefer to live in the moment while still preserving the memories of the times that we have shared. When we say that we don’t dwell in the past, we mean that we do not think about what might have been, what things we wish we would have done, or generally feel regrets about lost opportunities. Life tends to happen whether you stress and worry about it or not, so one of our favorite sayings is that we have made mistakes, but have no regrets as we wouldn’t be the people that we are without those experiences, both good and bad. This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge – New Horizon asks that we share a new perspective for the new year or something that we would like to accomplish in the upcoming months. We love looking off to the horizon, wondering what treasures and sights might lie just beyond, but we aren’t making any grandiose plans. Our goal for the year ahead is to continue to travel whenever possible, share those experiences as best as we can, grow closer as a couple, and be the best world citizens that we possibly can be. We hope that the New Year brings to all of you many happy days and those things that make you feel fulfilled and satisfied. Here are a few photos of the horizon to get us all thinking about the year ahead.

Lake Titicaca, Bolivia
Fall 2010
Lake Near Rhonda, Spain
Another View from Lake Titicaca, Bolivia


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