Unique Variations of Escargot

There are a couple of things that we almost always order at restaurants when we’re traveling if we happen to find them on the menu. One of them is escargot, which not everyone enjoys, but it is certainly a favorite of ours. Occasionally they are served in their shells, but often they are served on a special baking dish specifically designed to nestle the escargot in their own little cavity. We have had them in many different locations throughout Europe where they are more popular than they are here in the United States.

Escargot at a French Bistro
Cheese Covered Escargot

The most traditional way to have them is baked in butter with lots of garlic and herbs. As good as the actual snail is to eat, the real treat is dunking bread into each of the little holes to soak up the garlic butter. It is a little decadent, but well worth the calories. On a couple of occasions we had them where they were covered in cheese as well, which we found to be an interesting take on them.

Snails and Potato Cakes
Gruyere Covered Snails for an Extra Cheesy Treat

Since we don’t always find them on menus, when we do it is almost a guarantee that we will order them. It isn’t something that we’ve ever cooked for ourselves, but that doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t try it in the future. For those that have never tried escargot, we would highly recommend that you don’t let the thought of eating a snail deter you from trying this delicacy.

Escargot in Heidelberg, Germany
Classic Escargot

Enjoying Food During Our Travels

Eating local food when traveling is a wonderful way to experience the culture and try dishes that can’t be found where you live. We try to go to as many places and try as many different types of foods as we can during our trips, even if it means stopping at several locations over several hours. We have shared these experiences over the past few years and decided to take the time and review them once again. These are some of our favorite food locations that we’ve visited during our varied travels.

  1. The Food of Hanoi, Vietnam

  2.  The Food of Cochabamba, Bolivia

    Pique Macho
  3.  The Food of Iceland

    Ling with White Wine Cream Sauce in Iceland
  4.  The Food of Prague, Chech Republic

    Deer with Bread Dumplings in Prague
  5.  The Food of Budapest, Hungary

    The Original Goulash Stew in Budapest
  6.  The Food of Tuscany, Italy

    Fresh Zucchini Ravioli in Italy
  7.  The Fusion Food of Lima, Peru

    Asian Soft Taco
  8.  The Food of Romania

    Stuffed Cabbage and Grape Leaves with Polenta in Romania
  9.  The Food of Scottsdale, Arizona

    Carnitas Burrito Served Enchilada Style
  10.  The Food of Strasbourg, France

    Hearty Dish
  11.  The Food of Ecuador

    Lamb with Rice and Potatoes
  12.  The Food of New Orleans

    Crawfish Etouffee
  13.  The Food of Panama

    Lobster Thermador
  14.  Eating in Egypt

    Mixed Grill
  15.  The Food of Amsterdam

    Clams and Linguini
  16.  The Food of Carlsbad, California

    Seafood Skewers – Incredibly Delicious
  17.  The Food of Heidelberg, Germany

    Pork Stomach in Germany

Are You an Adventurous Eater?

Stuffed Pork Loin in Romania

There are so many interesting foods around the world, but interesting doesn’t always mean that they taste good or that you want to actually eat them. We definitely try to eat as much like a local as possible and we like to try as many local dishes as possible. That doesn’t mean that we are willing to try everything though, so we would probably consider ourselves to be semi-adventurous eaters. When we were in Iceland, we chose not to eat whale or puffin because of what eating them has done to their populations in the wild. One of the delicacies in Ecuador, where we are heading this weekend, is apparently a large guinea pig called cuy. We have heard that it doesn’t taste particularly good, so we will have to see if we end up giving it a try. What about you, would you eat scorpion, ants, or something else that you wouldn’t normally consider if you weren’t traveling?

Lamb with Polenta

Pork Stomach in Germany

Ceviche in Peru

Pollo Macho for Lunch in Bolivia

Ling with White Wine Cream Sauce in Iceland