Are You an Adventurous Eater?

Stuffed Pork Loin in Romania

There are so many interesting foods around the world, but interesting doesn’t always mean that they taste good or that you want to actually eat them. We definitely try to eat as much like a local as possible and we like to try as many local dishes as possible. That doesn’t mean that we are willing to try everything though, so we would probably consider ourselves to be semi-adventurous eaters. When we were in Iceland, we chose not to eat whale or puffin because of what eating them has done to their populations in the wild. One of the delicacies in Ecuador, where we are heading this weekend, is apparently a large guinea pig called cuy. We have heard that it doesn’t taste particularly good, so we will have to see if we end up giving it a try. What about you, would you eat scorpion, ants, or something else that you wouldn’t normally consider if you weren’t traveling?

Lamb with Polenta
Pork Stomach in Germany
Ceviche in Peru
Pollo Macho for Lunch in Bolivia
Ling with White Wine Cream Sauce in Iceland

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