Historic Georgetown University in Washington DC

We have visited several fascinating universities and our recent visit to Georgetown University was certainly very memorable. Built in 1789, the university features interesting architecture and wonderful common areas right near the heart of Washington DC. The campus was very busy while we were there as students made their way to and from class, but many of them were just enjoying the lovely autumn day by relaxing underneath an old, majestic tree. Many historic figures have graduated from the prestigious university throughout its history, including several political figures such as form US Presidents Bill Clinton and Lyndon B. Johnson.

John Carroll, Founder of Georgetown University
Students Relaxing on Campus
Building Facade
Colorful Tree on Campus

We didn’t enter any of the buildings on campus, but just walking around the grounds was quite interesting. From the main campus building that dates back to the origins of the university, the statue of the founder, John Carroll, or the statue of Jan Karski playing chess, it is a very relaxing experience. Obviously, having the changing colors of the trees only added to the ambiance of visiting this historic university. There are so many things to do when visiting Washington DC, but if you have the opportunity to go to Georgetown University, it is well worth the time.

Main Building on Campus
Statue of Jan Karski Playing Chess
Tower on the Main Building
Pond on the Campus Grounds
More of the University Architecture

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  1. What a grand building! And the fact that it was built in the 18th century makes it even more impressive. I love how the autumn colors add to the peaceful ambiance and beauty of the campus. I probably wouldn’t skip classes if I studied there.

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