Visiting the Famous Exorcist Steps and House in Georgetown, Washington DC

We spent last week going to several places including Georgetown, which is an area in Washington DC where the Georgetown University is located. In addition to the university, there are lots of restaurants, pubs, and shops, but there it is also the location where the movie Exorcist was filmed. One of the famous scenes from the movie was when the priest was thrown from the window of the house onto the steps next to the house. The steps are located directly across from the Scott Francis Key Bridge (commonly referred to as the Key Bridge) and in most ways it isn’t very remarkable.

Looking Down the Stairs
Exorcist House
Climbing the Stairs

The steps themselves were built in 1895 and they are next to a building called the Car Barn, which was an old trolley-car storage building. The steps lead from M street up to the house where the movie was filmed and is only a few blocks from Georgetown University. We found it interesting that the Exorcist House is an actual residence with people living there today (we would find that spooky). It is in a very historic area and the architecture in the area very interesting, even if you aren’t a fan of the movie. Today you will find many people, like ourselves, taking photos of the stairs or of themselves on the stairs.

Students Relaxing Under a Tree in Nearby Georgetown University
View from the Bottom of the Stairs
Entrance to the Exorcist House

4 thoughts on “Visiting the Famous Exorcist Steps and House in Georgetown, Washington DC

  1. Isn’t it interesting how we search out movie locations to visit like any other historical place and how the thought of a scary movie made decades ago can still give us the creeps? Stories are powerful.

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