When and Where Will We Travel Once Again?

The past year has been one of frustration in terms of our ability to get out and see the world. As vaccinations continue to rapidly increase across the world, the variants and additional waves continue to keep the future of travel in a state of flux. In general, we are optimistic people and we continue to be hopeful that things will change for the better in the near future, but our optimism seems to get dashed lately. Sure, we can travel domestically and there is nothing wrong with that, however what we really want is to get out and see something new. We had plans to go to Turkey last April and we postponed it to November last year instead of our original destination of Africa and then had to cancel the trip entirely. In its place, we planned a trip for this April to visit Portugal only to be notified that the country remains on lockdown and so that trip was canceled. Ever the optimists, we heard that travel to portions of Africa were open to international travel and since we originally wanted to go there last year so we were looking at going there in June, but now things seem to be closing again there as well.

Entrance to Hoa Lu in the Ninh Binh Province of Vietnam
Standing Outside of the Bent Pyramid in Egypt

We aren’t giving up, though. We will travel someplace this June, we’re just not sure where. There are places in Central and South America that are open, but things could change with a minute’s notice. If we can’t get out of the country, we will go someplace in the continental United States. We will be fully vaccinated within a couple of weeks, which seems to be the new requirement for traveling. We’re not sure if everyone is going through the severe sense of “travel withdrawal” that we are, but if we don’t go somewhere soon we might just go stir crazy. Any recommendations of places that are open to travel for us to consider would be greatly appreciated.

Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador
Hiking to the Waterfall in Panama

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