The Historic St. Martin’s Cathedral in Bratislava, Slovakia

One of the key sites to see when visiting the capital city of Bratislava in Slovakia is St. Martin’s Cathedral. For 267 years, the church hosted the coronations of Hungarian kings and queens making it a significant landmark in the region. The church itself is 800 years old and in 1291 it was rebuilt to be part of the city walls. Although the walls no longer fully surround the old town area, part of the wall still exists. The interior of the cathedral is quite large with many interesting pieces of artwork.

St. Martin’s Cathedral
Impressive Artwork
Ornate Pews
One of the Sculptures within St. Martin’s Cathedral
Large Interior of the Cathedral
Wall Connected to the St. Martin’s Cathedral

The current cathedral was built in 1452 and features four chapels. There is the chapel of Sophia of Bavaria, the chapel of St. Anne, and the chapel of St. John the Merciful. The portal of the southern antechamber is considered to be one of the oldest examples of Renaissance architecture in Slovakia. The dome on the clock tower of St. Martin’s Cathedral can be seen from throughout the area. The church is certainly a highlight of any visit to Bratislava.

Detailed Artwork
Pulpit in the Main Chamber
Memorial Reliefs in the Church
Carving on a Pew
The Organ Pipes
Cathedral Ceiling

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