Battling the Depression Caused by Lack of Travel

That might sound like an exaggeration, but for us it is actually true. Considering that we would have been out of the country 3 to 4 times since the shutdown started in March, we find ourselves not just sad and frustrated, but truly depressed at times. We are making every effort to stay active and continue to provide information on a regular basis, but there are days when looking at photographs of previous trips is just too much to do. We had truly hoped that things would have improved by now, however it seems that things are once again getting worse and places are shutting down yet again.

Ponte Vecchio in Florence
Flying Over Bolivia

We look forward to seeing new places and actually enjoy the entire travel experience. What is probably hardest is not meeting new people and hearing from them about their culture. We have teased several times that we’ll just have to travel twice as much next year, but clearly that isn’t reasonable and also assumes that somehow things will truly open back up again. We try not to get depressed when thinking about travel because, after all, we have our health and are together and most people consider travel a luxury. We think about all of our friends who rely on the travel industry for their livelihoods and feel for them knowing how difficult it must be on them. We apologize if the moods of our posts are not as upbeat as they usually would be, we will try to stay motivated in these trying times.

Two Reclining Buddhas in Laos (They are Farther Apart then It Looks)
Royal Palace in Budapest from the Danube River Cruise

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