The Narrow Houses of Amsterdam

The architecture of the buildings that line the canals of Amsterdam is quite fascinating for many reasons. From the way that they lean towards the canal to allow pullies to bring the furniture to the upper floors to the very narrow buildings themselves, it is very interesting to see the different buildings along the water. Some of these homes are so small that you can touch both walls at the same time as they measure only 2 meters (about 6 feet) in width. The reason for these narrow buildings had to do with the way that the homes were taxed in the past where it was based on the number of windows and the size of the façade that faces the canal. Here are few examples, including the very narrow red home that is one of the three smallest homes in Amsterdam.

One of the Three Smallest Homes on the Canal
Tiny White Home on the Street
Pullies to Get Furniture to the Top Floors
Tiny Home with the Red and White Bricks
Typical Row of Homes on the Canal

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