Church of St. George in Cairo, Egypt

During our trip to Cairo, we took a day to visit Coptic Cairo, which is a section of Old Cairo with the Babylon Fortress, Abu Serga (Cave Church), and the Church of St. George. The Church of St. George is a Greek Orthodox church that dates back to the 10th century, although the current church buildings were built in 1909 after being destroyed in a fire in 1904. Sitting on top of a hill with a steep set of stairs, the architecture of the church is definitely interesting and impressive.

St. George on the Front of the Church
Chandeliers in the Church
Trees Along the Walls of the Cemetery
Stairs Leading to the Church
Golden Eye
Silver Cross and Candlesticks

As you approach the church, there is no doubt as to who it is dedicated as there are several murals with images of St. George defeating the dragon, including the large relief on the front of the church itself. The church tower also has a wind-vane that features a dragon that hovers over the church. The church itself is a round building with a large dome over the center, which is quite stunning and dramatic.

Wind-Vane on Top of the Tower
Ornate Altar
Ceiling of the Dome
Tomb with a Statue
Cemetery Grounds
St. George Slaying the Dragon Mosaic

Next to the church is a cemetery with beautiful grounds and a variety of crypts and tombs. Seeing a Christian cemetery in the heart of Cairo was certainly unique and it was quiet and peaceful in the otherwise hectic city. One of the most interesting features in the cemetery was a mud and stone crypt that resembled a cave. There wasn’t any signage or information that indicated its history or purpose within the cemetery.

Tombs and Crypts
Church Garden
Cave in the Cemetery
Another St. George Image
Walking Through the Church

The interior of the Church of St. George was beautiful, especially with its colorful dome ceiling. Inside of the church, there was also a gold image of St. George slaying the dragon. There is certainly plenty to see in Old Cairo as well as in Coptic Cairo and we spent a couple of hours visiting the various sites.

Dome and Tower
Standing in the Church
Artwork in the Church
Marble Crypt


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  1. John

    Very bad person in this church his Name Archimandrite Damaskinos Alazrai , they kick out of the United States of America because of his behavior with the woman why they accept him in Alexandria in Egypt ,

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