People Never Look Up

It is a proven fact that people generally don’t look upwards and tend to keep their eyes forward or down. It is a shame sometimes as they are likely missing out on some beautiful scenery. We’re not saying that we are better than others at it, but we do try to look up at times, especially when we go hiking. We have seen a variety of birds and other animals by scanning the tree branches above us for anything that might be moving. Although things don’t appear to be looking up in general, here are a few images to help us all look up.

Hiking in the Amazon Jungle of Bolivia
Obelisk Reaching to the Sky in Luxor, Egypt
Seabird Overhead
Aspen Leaves and Blue Skies
In the Ecuadorian Jungle
Autumn Tree in Koblenz, Germany
Bird Taking Flight in Panama


2 thoughts on “People Never Look Up

  1. All lovely and great for outdoors…. But if you’re walking around Rome, keep looking down just in case you walk on poo. My kids did so so often growing up here :=(

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