Sunset Cruise in Acapulco, Mexico

We happened to be in Acapulco over Valentines Day, so we decided to do a sunset cruise to make it a romantic evening. The cruise left from the marina, which was about fifteen minutes from our resort. The cruise takes you out through the bay and into the ocean where the views are amazing. We have taken many similar tours over the years and usually people just wander the upper deck to enjoy the scenery, however this tour had chairs lined up on the deck, so the earlier you arrive, the better your seat.

Sun Reflecting off of the Resorts
Seagulls Flying with the Boat
Sun Setting Over the Ocean
Stadium Seating to Watch the Sunsets
Colorful Sunset

The cruise had an open bar with unlimited drinks, so we enjoyed a nice, cold margarita to help offset the heat. Once the boat started moving and heading towards the ocean, there was a nice breeze that also helped to cool us off. As the ship moved its way out of the harbor, you past by the various cliffs along the bay all of which had beautiful homes and resorts perched along the clifftops. Watching the sunsets in Acapulco is extremely popular, whether from a cruise, resort, beach, or home, but there is even an area with stadium seating just for people to gather and watch the sun as it sinks below the horizon.

Seagulls Filing the Sky
Homes and Resorts on Top of the Cliffs
Sitting in the Marina
Start of the Sunset
Views of the Coastline

We were joined on our cruise by not only a variety of tourists, but also a flock of seagulls flew along side of our boat as well. At times, there were so many seagulls that they pretty much blocked our views of the shoreline. The waters were very smooth during our tour  and we were able to see the sun setting over the open ocean as well as behind some of the cliffs that line the bay. It was certainly a perfect way to end our first full day in Acapulco and we would highly recommend taking a sunset tour anytime that you visit the Pacific coast.

Enjoying a Margarita
Peak of the Sunset
Resorts Along the Bay
More Buildings on the Cliffs
Leaving the Bay and Entering the Ocean


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  1. jasonlikestotravel

    It looks gorgeous! That stadium seating is so unique, puts the space to good use though! Must be a nice place to sit and watch the sun come up or sun go down.

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